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from The Dollar Stretcher

6 Ways to Get Help Paying Your Medical Bills

Don't get overwhelmed by unpaid medical bills. Try these 6 ways to get help paying your medical bills.

from Making Sense Of Cents

How To Come Up With A Financial Plan Without Visiting A Professional

A financial plan is important, but very few of us have one. It's because we think that we need to meet with a financial planner to get one and who has the time or the money to pay someone for a "plan?"


Hot Glue guns may be small but they have some pretty big uses! These tips and tricks will change and save your life!

from Medium Sized Family

7 Ways to Pile Up Christmas Money: Make a List

7 Ways to Pile Up Christmas Money: Way #1- Make a List If you're tired of paying bills in January, make a plan now for Christmas money. These tips will help you gather cash for Christmas gifts starting now.

from The Diary of a Frugal Family

50 Ways to save money

50 easy, commonsense things you should be doing if you want to save money on your spending. These tips will help you to cut the cost of your bills, be more thrifty, be better at meal planning and organising your family and above all else, they're help you budget for your family better.

from From Pennies to Pounds

Saving Money on Electricity & Gas Bills - More Money in Your Pocket

Saving money on electricity and gas bills will make SUCH a big difference on your money management. It can enable you to pay off more debt, or use the money you save on holidays, treats, so much more! If you want to read the tips click here: