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Ruby Bicycle Helmet Cover $39.95

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'Taliban hung our mates' bodies from trees during six months of hell'

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Roman full-faced helmet discovered at Ribchester (now on display at the British Museum)

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Pretty sure I could get someone to paint a motorcycle helmet to look like this! Google Image Result for I WANT TO MAKE ONE!

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Coolcasc Printed Cool Ski/Snowboard Helmet Cover, Black Retro

Coolcasc Printed Cool Ski/Snowboard Helmet Cover, One Size, Canvas

"The Nijmegen Helmet is an Ancient Roman helmet, found in a gravel bed on the left bank of Waal river, near the Dutch city of Nijmegen in 1915. The helmet would have been worn by the elite Roman cavalry.[1] The head portion of the helmet is made of iron, while the mask and diadem are of bronze or brass. The helmet has a neck-protecting projecting rim, overlaid with a thin bronze covering plated with silver.[2] The diadem features two male and three female figures."

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"Black Ops" Special Forces PT Helmet Large Ops Core VAS, Peltor ARC SEAL DEVGRU

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Two women workers cover Army tropical helmets for the firm of Messrs E Day in St Albans. A pile of completed helmets can be seen on the bench beside them. 1918.

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