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Hello, Dolly! 1969. Directed by Gene Kelly, fashion from the 1890s, oh and Babs! This is a movie I could not only sing every line, but i probably know every spoken line a pathetic extent. Don't care though...LOVE!

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Hello Dolly! My favourite musical. So many memories if sitting on Grandpa Sevens living room floor watching it. I asked him if I could watch it every time I went to his house.

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Barbara Streisand's dress from Hello Dolly! Slightly too late, sold as part of Debbie Reynolds collection last year.

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10 Forgotten Movie Musicals That Modern Day Audiences Should See

Not anything about this post is worth posting except that babs is just flawless.

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Hello, Dolly! Some parts of this movie were so charming and awesome, but overall I was disappointed with it. It felt about an hour too long and I really disliked how the guy didn't realize that he loved Dolly until the last 5 minutes (of a two and a half hour film!).

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