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Dame Helen Mirren at 62 and fabulous

What men REALLY think about... Helen Mirren in a bikini at 62

Helen Mirren no this is not photo shopped of this still sexy 63 year old actress WEARIN that Bikini

Helen Mirren - Aging gracefully

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Helen Mirren as Ruth, Oliver's mother. She is, at first, guarded toward Eleanor, but once she learns of the young girls past and her feeling for Oliver, Ruth welcomes her with open arms and heart

The Best Life Advice From Hollywood's Leading Ladies

Beauty has no expiration date, she’s not beautiful for her age, she is just beautiful. Redefine beauty, love the face you have today and never apologize. As I told my daughter when she asked me how she could be beautiful, be beautiful and it will show

Dame Helen Mirren On Why It's Better To Be Attractive Than Beautiful

Dame Helen Mirren On Why It's Better To Be Attractive Than Beautiful the hair and the outfit. @Kate Wille, totally understand your lady crush!

Over-sixty stars outshine their younger rivals in list of the world's most beautiful women

Going Grey is Okay!

Helen Mirren

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Love Helen Mirren's beautiful silver and platinum hair!

Dame Helen Mirren, English actor, at British "Dame" Proves That Middle Age Women Can Rock.She's Talented, She's Sexy, She's Beautiful.On Screen & Off.

I know Helen Mirren is too young to play Gran, but that's what make-up is for! If I were casting the series for movies / TV, I'd love to have Helen Mirren as Gran / Adele Parker!


Helen Mirren was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in January In April she was awarded best actress at the Laurence Olivier Awards for her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II in The Audience.