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"Today, is a new day. Heal your heart. Fully embrace your body. Awaken deeply to your Divine Feminine. Honor your sacred temple. And remember your womb wisdom, for SHE knows..." Nuit Moore


Bard garb: dramatic Shakespeare costumes – in pictures

Costume by Thierry Mugler for Hecate, worn by Catherine Sauval in Macbeth, directed by Jean-Pierre Vincent, Avignon Festival Comédie-Française, 1985.


A "Hekate's Wheel" protective amulet, drawn on parchment paper with dragon's blood ink. See Jason Miller's "Protection & Reversal Magic" for more info.


Agreeing that this is prob. Hecate. She is a chthonic deity, and has been associated with the owl. The eclipse symbol behind her black throne is a pretty clear moon symbol, and Hecate is associated with the moon - and her first identity was as a moon goddess.


Pagan Symbols and Their Meanings

Hectates Wheel This symbol represents the three aspects of the goddess, maiden, mother and crone. In Greek legend, Hectate was the guardian of the crossroads before she evolved into a goddess of magic and sorcery. The wheel is used to symbolise the power of knowledge and life.