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Hebrew Newspaper

Details about Haarets Hebrew Newspaper RARE- Funeral of Shimon Peres 30 September 2016


Ben Yehuda Street in Jerusalem. The street is named after the founder of Modern Hebrew, Eliezer Ben-Yehuda. Eliezer Ben‑Yehuda was a Litvak lexicographer and newspaper editor. He was the driving spirit behind the revival of the Hebrew language in the modern era.


Lamar Smith was a 63-year-old black farmer and a World War I veteran. He was also a member of the Regional Counsel of Negro Leadership and a voting rights activist. Smith was born in 1892 but very little is known about his childhood. Smith voted and he worked hard to help get other blacks out …Never Forget Civil Rights Martyr Lamar Smith's Story

PRESS THE VISIT BUTTON November 10, 1898 - Two days after the local elections in Wilmington, NC, the democratically elected and biracial government was overthrown by Democratic Party White Supremacists. Over 1,500 white men participated in an attack on the black newspaper, burning down the building. They ran officials and community leaders out of the city, and killed many blacks


Retro Hebrew Newspaper Vase

Bold, bright housewares and quirky gifts for all the family. Tradition-inspired designs with tons of chutzpah!

Princess Sarah Forbes Bonetta as a child painted by British watercolorist Octavious Oakley (1800-1867). Sarah Forbes Bonetta was an African princess who captured the heart of England's Queen Victoria. The sad part of this story was that this beautiful little girl was presented to Capt. Forbes, of her Majesty's ship Bonetta (hence her name) by the King of Dahomey. The greatness of Dahomey kingdom was built on slavery of African people, where most of the slaves were shipped to USA and Brazil!


Framed Judaica OOAK Louis Spiegel Rabbi Pen & Ink Portrait on Hebrew Newspaper

Framed Judaica OOAK Louis Spiegel Rabbi Pen & Ink Portrait on Hebrew Newspaper #IllustrationArt