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I doubt anyone could effectively argue that these guys weren't the premier heavy…

Top 5 Black Sabbath Albums

Black Sabbath The band was formed in 1969 as Polka Tulk Blues Band, then was known as Earth before settling on the name Black Sabbath, after the title of a 1963 movie.

The Metal-Zodiac (oh dear, that's hit the nail on the head!)

The Metal Zodiac

Funny pictures about The Metal Zodiac. Oh, and cool pics about The Metal Zodiac. Also, The Metal Zodiac photos.

A brief history of corpse paint:   Arthur Brown, Alice Cooper, KISS, Mercyful Fate, Celtic Frost, Mayhem, Darktrhone, Immortal, Gorgoroth, 1349

Today there are some historical background to Corpsepaint, the face- or body painting, which is widely used in the Black and Death Metal.