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Holy rainbow! Rare Buddha's Halo appears over mountain in China

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Angel Feather Poem | The following is a poem I found many years ago and has stayed with me ...

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God loves us so much that he instructed his heavenly army to protect us as well and they love us too.(Please give them some kudos and lovin back). These interdimesional beings (Angels) have, and always will be, with us as will the Communion of Saints (heavenly souls). You are surrounded by protectors.

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It is time to release the resentment, allow your mind to rest and be free from wretchedness and discontentment, renew your ambitions with hope and see the tranquility grow

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Angels Of The Golden ViSiON T'N"T oN T'B"T J!sWiYt>j dubC'YAeyAe" i`ReP"dAt=d@ WeSt WeS wES \;';/ `)x(` *v8v* !^! mMWw NiA WeS'N BLeS'Nz PeOPLe fOLKz WaNtBrOtHazSiSstAh'Z IICoMe uPNOtJUsfuP aFtaH bUt stAyuPGOD1StLifEtAhdEAtH YeAyELP 2 minutes ago · Unlike · 1dONtGEt iTTWiSt'D YaL oN IIc'N" Light Ascension

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Romance Angels

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Details about Uplifting Keepsake Cards - Inspirational - MultiChoice

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Google-prentresultaat vir

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