Heaven on earth

is this real life I am in absolute heaven looking at the beautiful color! why don't we have this color tree in my area - maybe I need to plant one!

Heaven on Earth  Jayuya, Puerto Rico.

Heaven on Earth Jayuya, Puerto Rico.

Bolivia’s Salt Flats Are the Closest You’ll Get to Heaven on Earth

Bolivia's Salt Flats Are the Closest You’ll Get to Heaven on Earth

Flores silvestres, Cerrado, Mato Grosso, Brasil.

Heaven on Earth Campaign

This article suggests practical ways to join forces to make a significant difference in the world. Heaven on Earth is possible.


'I'm watchin' the sun rise over the ocean, Sunrise on the sea. I'm watchin' the sun rise, I'm glad to be living. Sunrise, shine over me.

Moorea, Tahiti   The Moorea Hilton...heaven on earth <3 Our favorite hotel room ever.

Beach love Wilson’s Bird-of-Paradise. Amazing color and spectacular tail Bora Bora, French Polynesia Philadelphia

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The Buddhist love is not attachment, but it's another name for mercy. So, intellectual life is connected to mercy. by Master Ryuho Okawa