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Creamy cajun chicken pasta. 500g diced chicken breast. 250g Mushrooms. 250g Peppers. 1-2 Tbsp Cajun Spice Mix. 1 Tub Kerry Low Low Cheese. 100 ml Chicken Stock. The recipe says 500g Pasta but I found this far too much so I use 250g. I also add diced onion and you can add sweetcorn if you like. Brown chicken and add mushroom and peppers for a couple of mins until soft. Add cajun spice mix and chicken stock and simmer while pasta cooks. When ready take chicken off heat and low low cheese and…

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Slimming World magic muffins • 35g oats • 1 muller light yoghurt (I used strawberry) • 2 eggs • sweetener, to taste 1. Cover the oats with the yoghurt and soak for a couple of hours in the fridge 2. Pre-heat oven to 180C 3. Crack eggs into yoghurt mixture (after their two-hour soak) 4. Add sweetener and give it a good whisk 5. Split mixture into silicon muffin cases 6. Bake for 30 mins

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The world's first Active House stands at the crest of an estate. Its south-facing roof is covered in solar panels and solar cells, which between them harness more than enough power to keep the occupants warm and the appliances running. In around 30 years' time, if designers have got their sums right, the excess electricity flowing from the house into Denmark's grid will have cancelled out the energy costs of building it, leaving a non-existent footprint on the earth's resources.

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Bacon and Cheese Tortilla Espanola. 3 large potatoes sliced,6 eggs, pinch of salt, black pepper, 1 Medium onion chopped 5 slices of lean cooked bacon, 112g of cheddar cheese (4xHEa’s), olive oil spray, Freshly chopped Italian Parsley. Preheat oven to 180c gas 4. Parboil potatoes for about 5 minutes. Beat the eggs, cheese, salt and pepper. Spray a pan over a medium heat and brown onion. Spray dish with some olive oil. Add potatoes slices, cooked bacon and onion in layers then cheese mix…

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Slimming world mayflower Chinese chicken curry..... Boil some chicken pieces and chopped onion until cooked......put 200ml cold water and 28g mayflower curry powder into a pan and whisk whilst heating up.....the curry will go thick once heated up....... In a pan put the chicken and onions along with some frozen peas, heat back up and pour the curry sauce over. Stir it round for a couple of minutes to mix the ingredients together. Serves one with a portion of syn free rice.... Syns are 28g…

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Perfect white chic cover for the lounge radiator. Also partners up as a shelf for displaying picture frames, candles and cute objects.

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Slimming World's turkey meatballs in Creole sauce is a delicious meal you'll want to make over and over again. Turkey is one of the leanest meats around and minced turkey makes truly magnificent meatballs.

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