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Dr. Alan R. Prescott University of Dundee CHIPs, School of Life Sciences Dundee, UK Cells showing small heat shock protein localized to intermediate filaments (100x)

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Heating of the skin triggers different processes at different temperatures, resulting in a variety of outcomes. Mike Murphy and Per-Arne Torstensson discuss the effects of heat shock proteins and #collagen denaturation when treating the skin at variable temperatures

Trypanosoma brucei Hsp83 nucleotide-binding domain (PDB ID: 3O6O) with BIIB021 bound. Solved by SGC's Structural Parasitology group.

Plasmodium vivax ClpB nucleotide binding domain (PDB ID: 2P65). Solved by Structural Parasitology group at SGC.

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Heat shock protein hsp82. Image credit:"PDB 1hk7 EBI" via Wikimedia Commons

Chronic fatigue syndrome: acute infection and history of physical activity affect resting levels and response to exercise of plasma oxidant/antioxidant status and heat shock proteins

Heat Shock Protein-based Therapies (Reprint) (Paperback)