Heartbeat quotes

Constantly, consistently, continually, YOU.

Constantly, consistently, continually, YOU.

I am the storm

OHHHHHHH man, I think this would be a great thing for all of us to remind ourselves of every morning before we start the day. Imagine going into work, even if that's staying home with kiddos, with this on your mind? I love it!

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He took in her gaze, and to him, she was as shining like the sky full of stars.

~ A Colorful Mind : Photo

some memories. They never leave your bones like the salt in the sea they become a part of you~And you carry them.

The most beautiful music comes from within the heart, which in turn, sings to the soul. Janice~~

As she lay her head upon His chest, His heart beat to a tune that soothed her soul. -- I love laying on your chest J. and hearing your heartbeat. There is something about the sound and rhythm that soothe my soul.