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Heart Stent video (Angioplasty) why and how it perform? You should know....

HonorHealth implants first dissolvable heart stent in U.S. - A heart stent that dissolves completely over time and that represents the next major advance in coronary artery disease treatment will be implanted July 6 in the first U.S. patient at HonorHealth Scottsdale Shea Medical Center. The revolutionary device received approval from the U.S. Federal... -

Stent Fraud Lawsuits Infographic. Stents are mesh tubes that are placed in narrow arteries in order to increase blood flow. It is alleged that some doctors have been pushing patients towards these heart stent procedures when this invasive procedure may not be necessary. Heart Stent Injuries: Bleeding from Catheter Site, Arhythmia, Irregular Heartbeat, Infection or Blood Clots. #Heart_Stent #Percutaneous_Coronary_Intervention #Angioplasty #Heart_Surgery


Abbott Labs' Dissolving Heart Stent Helps Improve Recovery

Heart Innovation: Abbott Labs' Dissolving Heart Stent Helps Improve Recovery - Businessweek - Curated by: John McLaughlin, StockCoach - Day Trading Coach - – #heart #daytradingcoach #daytradingstocks