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Superfood Hot Chocolate

This Superfood Hot Chocolate is packed-full of immune-boosting, antioxidant-filled ingredients that make for one heck of cup of hot cocoa! From coconut, to turmeric and the sweetness of raw honey, this is a hot chocolate recipe you can feel good about drinking.

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Healthy Hot Chocolate 10 Ways (Vegan + Paleo) The Chocoholic's Favorite Nightcap :)

Healthy Hot Chocolate 10 Ways (Vegan & Paleo

Healthy Hot Chocolate 10 Ways (Vegan + Paleo) The Chocoholic's Favorite Nightcap :)

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Hot Chocolate Breakfast Smoothie

(Use 2 T almond butter, 1/4 cup oats, and sweeten with stevia or xylitol) This warm and comforting vegan smoothie will knock out those chocolate cravings in a healthy way.

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It doesn’t have to be complicated to make homemade hot cocoa. In fact, my easy hot cocoa recipe for kids is so simple to make, it’s almost as quick as the store bought packets! And this…

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Creamy peanut-butter hot chocolate

Delicious whole foods nutty hot chocolate! Dairy free, gluten free, and refined sugar free! Delicious kids' treat or snack recipe!

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.Raw Cacao is known to be possibly the world's most concentrated source of antioxidants found in any food. It is also extremely high in magnesium so this relaxing hot chocolate is soothing in more ways than one! Most commercial cacao powder is processed at scorching temperatures destroying the nutrients and antioxidants so be sure to attain organic, raw cacao to receive full health benefits

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Need an easy alternative to the processed hot chocolate from the store? Try this healthy hot cocoa recipe for kids! With just 4 simple ingredients, it's "kid-approved" delicious. Plus it's so easy to make, it's almost as fast as the store packets! Bonus: dairy-free, no-refined-sugar, and paleo!

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