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The health belief model (Rosenstock) is concerned with what people perceive or believe to be true about them-selves in relation to their health. This model is based on three components of individual perceptions of threat of a disease: (1) perceived susceptibility to a disease, (2) perceived seriousness of a disease, and (3) perceived benefits of action.

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Health Belief Model - a psychological model of health behaviour change

Health Belief Model

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File:The Health Belief Model.pdf

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Knowing who you are & what you stand for. Understanding your core values & beliefs - then you can start building your own personal unique brand

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application of health belief model in nursing

The health promotion model illustrates how health-related behaviors and beliefs promote health.

Cognitive–behavioural therapies for children and adolescents

CBT example for children and adolescents

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Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy