song lyrics~LOVE this idea for art journal page. I have lots of song lyrics that I relate to and can use. yay!

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She's really inspired me to go back to blonde, and that takes a lot considering I hate my natural hair color.

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"...once a whore you're nothing more, i'm sorry, that'll never change. And about forgiveness we're both supposed to have exchanged, i'm sorry honey but i passed it up, now look this way." paramore

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Marks 2 years today with my bf jake and even after everything i wldnt ask for anyone else to be with me

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The "minor threat" shirt just makes this photo perfect. sXe forever!! why do i love this pic?

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"Think of me when your out there, I'll beg you nice from my knees, and when the world treats you way too fairly. Well it's a shame I'm a dream.....

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Complete Hayley Hairesses Series. hayley williams, paramore, hairstyles, hair dye, hair color, music video, misery business, aint it fun, timeline, looks, illustration.

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