Hayes Grier and Nash Grier, MagCon Boys

fran on

I love you two and they are Brothers Nash Hayes love you guys 💖💖💖💖

Hayes Grier

Celebrate Hayes Grier's 15 Cutest Pics

The Hayes Grier that we know and love gets into playful fights with Nash Grier about his dog Zan, dances his heart out on Dancing With the Stars,.

Hayes snapchat~from Aeronow

Stranger on the Sidewalk

hayes] "sup. im hayes. im 15 and single, i can be a f boy. im the bad kid and my sister is the good girl. here to make friends like me preferably girls.

Imagine walking out to the deck and Hayes says "Come on beautiful let's go skinny dipping."

Imagine: you were getting dressed in a hotel room after taking a shower . You turn around and see a clear glass door you had no idea was there. Hayes was watching you

Got something in you're eye babe..

Nash Grier on

Hey I'm nash I'm 16 and taken by paige my ex is Brooke Mackenzie's ugly I'm so glad me and Hayes bully her she's stupid -intro

((Fc Hayes Grier)) Hey I'm Hayes! I love playing sports and watching them, so I'd love a girl who'd do the same!! I am very crazy at times, but also very serious. Looking for a girl I can trust and stay committed to!

Hannah Richelle Wells (@hannahwells7)

I'm Hayes. my siblings are Ali Emma and tanner. I'm 15 and I'm a viner for the vine. Um I'm single I guess never really. never mind anyways uh i love the spanish music!

If hayes is such an amazing brother than he'll be an amazing boyfriend/husband

Instagram Post by Hayes (@hayesgrier)

Aww Hayes and Skylynn! This picture makes me smile!

Hayes Grier Imagine for @AllyssaSharpee

I'm so proud of u Hayes Hayes: Thx baby i luv u Me: Luv u to cutie Hayes: Time to celebrate ;) Me: Hehe later u dork Hayes: Good enough for me and hey can't blame me for trying Me: Ya i can

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