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The Harris's Hawk or Harris Hawk (Parabuteo unicinctus) formerly known as the Bay-winged Hawk or Dusky Hawk, is a medium-large bird of prey which breeds from the southwestern United States south to Chile and central Argentina. Birds are sometimes reported at large in Western Europe, especially Britain, but it is a popular species in falconry and these records almost certainly all refer to escapes from captivity.

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Hummingbirds use hawks as their bodyguards. They often live under hawk nests to seek protection from jays, one of the biggest threats to their babies. Hawks like to stalk their prey from above, so jays avoid foraging below them, which creates a hummingbird safety zone. Source

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I would really love a red-tailed hawk, peregrine falcon, or kestrel if i start falconry is the next seven years!

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Top 10 Most Beautiful and Colorful Birds In The World American Kestrel – Top 10 Marvels

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Javan Hawk Eagle - endangered ~ One of the rarest of all raptors, the Javan Hawk-eagle is believed to be a monogamous species. The female usually lays one egg in nest high on top of forest trees. The diet consists mainly of birds, lizards, fruit bats and mammals.

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Red Shouldered Hawk - Whether wheeling over a swamp forest or whistling plaintively from a riverine park, a Red-shouldered Hawk is typically a sign of tall woods and water. It’s one of our most distinctively marked common hawks, with barred reddish-peachy underparts and a strongly banded tail. In flight, translucent crescents near the wingtips help to identify the species at a distance. These forest hawks hunt prey ranging from mice to frogs and snakes. ...

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