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This pair of Mk. V's demonstrate the two different power plants tried out. Nearest is an experimental machine fitted with an annular radiator for its Sabre engine, while EJ 823 was a standard in service version with a Napier Sabre engine with the well known "beard" radiator.


Sort of a “super” Typhoon, the Hawker Tempest had unbelievable technical qualities for a World War 2 airplane. Starting in 1944, it became what was probably the best British propeller fighter aircraft of the war. Thanks to its capacities, the Tempest was responsible for the loss of twenty German Me 262 (the first operational jet aircraft).


AIRCRAFT OF THE ROYAL AIR FORCE 1939-1945: HAWKER TEMPEST. Tempest Mark V protoype, HM595: cockpit interior, port front. Photograph taken at Hawker Aircraft Ltd, Langley, Berkshire