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Do not worry little bean, you have grown so much now, and you will grow so much in the future. Keep on being the best bean you can!

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Quit The Excuses! 50 Motivational Fitness Quotes To Get Your Ass Up And In Shape

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LOVE - negative space embroidery - brynnandcoshop

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Aaaaaaaamen!!!! Goodbye to the people who I thought were my friends! I have better things to do with my life then worry about what I did or probably didn't do wrong! I need to focus on the people who do care about me just as much as I do them! Life is too short! Seriously.

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Goodness has to be worked at. In the ethical gym of the future, we might regularly be put through our paces. We would have to imagine life through another’s eyes, practice giving way in arguments, emulate the diplomacy and tact of paragons of patience and learn to deflect despair through calculated doses of hope.

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