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from the Guardian

F is for funny: satirical spins on classic Ladybird designs – in pictures

Hmmmmm ... LOL!!! Have a great birthday evening Nicole! Can't believe you're 39 today. I feel like the luckiest lady on earth to be the one who got to be your Mama!! Love & adore you my sweet Baby Girl!!! XOXO


i am straight/ asexual and I have to admit at first I thought it was a heart touching coming out story then when he asked you liked boys and the son did I snickered


Apparently people don't look for a solution.... One Dixie cup and a stapler and the impossible becomes not only possible But practical as you now have a cup to drink from as well ;) with a space And an apostrophe, impossible says I'm possible :)

from STL Cooks

Snickers Cake

Recipe for Snickers Cake - How can you go wrong with a cake that tastes just like a Snickers bar? You can't!

from 9GAG

Dragon please...

I wonder how annoyed those dragons must have been to always having random knights show up wanting to fight? I'm just chillin' in my cave what do you WANT?!