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Friend of Orange Is The New Black actress charged with stalking her

The designer appears to have hinted at the drama between her and her former famous pal posting an inspirational quote on Instagram on Monday

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365 Happiness Project: Quote 142

If someone is being a bully then if ur happy about that they'll get mad and stop, so be happy!!!!!

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Don’t worry, be happy

On the button! Generally, people like to bring up your past when your present and future appears to be better than theirs...

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That whole 'limited vocabulary' thing is nonsense- if you punctuate every sentence you may have a problem, but there's nothing limited about the many ways 'fuck' can be applied. And look at Stephen Fry- he knows all the words in the world and he still swe

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Im fabulous she says! Even though I find this funny it would not be funny in my real world. It is not right to hurt others no matter how pretty or rich you are.

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Las Vegas Funny Pictures (06:10:05 AM, Tuesday 21, June 2016 PDT) – 60 pics

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