I. HATE. SCHOOL. Some people are just so fortunate, and have a pretty good school life..

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I feel like I'm about to explode because of school. I'm high strung, sleep-deprived, anxious, and more because of teachers and peers who can't understand the simple concept of leaving me alone.

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But along the way you also find the people you'll who will always be with you to the end. And sadly find those who won't.

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In school you'd learn that's a question, which ends with a question mark! That's why.

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This is also true when someone reccomends/asks me to read a book! I already have a bunch I WANT to read so it becomes an assignment I put off, feel guilty about, keep the borrowed book forever and feel like I should return it after months or years but would be too rmbarrassed to say I never read it...

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Omgsh this is so true. I finally found the words to say to people when they ask me why I hate school.

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