This Harvest Moon Cow plush toy can't give you milk or help your farm raise money, but the long stuffed animal from the popular farm simulation game series is great for both hugging and just looking adorable.

"rune factory/ harvest moon" Dang it, I don't want to break the couples up in Rune Factory Sorry Barrett, I'm stealing Dorothy. Poor Yue, always being the fallback wife.

I regret nothing! I have seriously played Harvest Moon MFOMT for over six hours straight it is that fun!

Harvest Moon: A New Beginning Review

Harvest Moon- It truly drives me insane how they start you with so little stamina in the HM game. Hoe 5 or 6 spaces, plant seeds and water them, and you're pretty much wiped out for the day.

this one Harvest Moon game with a weird Japanese name for the Play Station Just uploading because I like the GBA ones and this seems to have.

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