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Insight on triple-negative breast cancer

A total of 79 patients in the two trials received cisplatin alone or in combination with bevacizumab (Avastin) to shrink their tumors prior to removing them surgically. In both trials, approximately 40 percent of patients had a complete or near-complete disappearance of the cancer after the cisplatin therapy.


Harvard Crimson College Basketball - Harvard News, Scores, Stats, Rumors & More

Harvard Crimson College Basketball - Harvard News, Scores, Stats, Rumors & More - ESPN

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Rituals enhance health

Rituals enhance health ~ Study finds no deficits among American Indians who use peyote regularly

"Hormones in milk can be dangerous" - Harvard News Office.

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Here's What a Perfect Workday for Your Brain Looks Like

Productive work habits to make the most of your day and stay organised especially when working from home

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How to Deliver Bad News to Your Employees

How to Deliver Bad News to Your Employees... even when you don't agree with the decision. By Amy Gallo, Harvard Business Review

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Artificial pancreas system aimed at type 1 diabetes mellitus

Artificial Pancreas System Aimed at Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus via Harvard News: "Researchers will soon undertake one of the largest-ever long-term clinical trials of a system designed to help regulate blood sugar levels of individuals with type 1 diabetes mellitus. If the scientists’ so-called artificial pancreas system performs in patients as they hope, it could lead to commercial trials and eventual regulatory approval in the United States and abroad."

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Ignorance and Idiocy; a match made in Hell

Oh dear, today we have yet another article in the overflowing bucket of hate levied against us. This moron doesn’t even try to explain WHY she believes that incest is wrong, she just repeated…


Creating the Best Workplace (Harvard Business Review)...: Creating the Best Workplace (Harvard Business Review) (Unabridged) - Rob… #News