Well I feel violated. But by Harry Styles, so all is good.   <-- this made me laugh.

I'm pinning this just because j need a pic of Harry to pin because I found the meaning of some of his tattoos. The birdcage on his ribs.butterflies in his stomach.

Just a casual, I'm looking up from my phone face that ends up being an angelic smoulder.

when ppl call themselves one direction fans but get their ages wrong i'm crying laughing can relate

Harry Styles

They’ve had 95 international number ones and are worth but is the world’s biggest boy band outgrowing its fans? By Tom Lamont

His selfies kill me << I've pinned this before but it's so hot I just had to pin it again

via harrystyles IG: 2 minutes ago Hersh & Bear  28 05.14

Hearts melted all over the world when Harry Styles posted this photo of himself cuddling a fluffy puppy, captioning the June 2014 snap, "Hersh & Bear.

am i the only one that nearly fainted when these came out?

One Direction: Shirtless in Sydney!: Photo Liam Payne and Harry Styles, of the British pop group One Direction, go for a shirtless swim in Sydney Harbor on Tuesday (April in Sydney, Australia.

Ashton Irwin, Michael Clifford from 5 Seconds Of Summer and Harry Styles from One Direction. SO BAE

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