the true harry styles

He is one of the sweetest people on earth. The media can do what they do but they don't know the true Harry Styles

Amen.<<excuse me but I love his jokes

love all of him, from his incredible success to his little flaws. I don't just love him because hes in One Direction, I love him for the amazing and caring person that he is. I'm in love with him, and all his little things

Honestly I don't like Harry styles much as I do for other members but we can't deny some facts...

When Harry hugs, he does so so tightly and it warms my heart and I can only dream to receive one one day

I'm still crying. That part touched my heart.

This broke my heart. At that part when Lea was talking about Cory I started bawling, too. It is so heartbreaking. :'( Is there any other that noticed behind Harry.

Harry is the best person in the whole world and if you can't see that because of the fact that he is famous then shame on you because Harry is much more than just being famous! @givememyname000

This is so true. This is also why I love him! He's amazing! And such an amazing role model! Love you Hazza!

Harry Styles in Ghana watching little children barely a year old die of malaria. Villain of the year everyone. #supportGhana #rednoseday #dontletthemdie

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I hate seeing the boys cry makes me want too cry. People still think that they're "bad people" and that Harry is a "womanizer" but here he is crying at the children's hospital.