Harry Styles Being Asked About Louis Tomlinson Relationship In TV Interview Is Super Awkward

Harry Styles was left squirming during an Australian TV interview this week when he was asked if he was in a relationship with bandmate Louis.

"bromance" or secretly together.I don't care they are just adorable! 46 Times Harry Styles And Louis Tomlinson Proved They Belong Together

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the boys are in an interview while you are watching them behind the camera, you started walking slowly and you trip over the cord, and the only one who saw you was harry. I would totally trip and he would totally laugh

Not just Harry but all of One Direction

niallersleprechaunlady: “ thevirginharry: “ this is the best representation of how my brain works everything is blurry and irrelevant except harry styles ” Basically ”

OMG this is crazy! Why are they asking him this stuff? The media always portrays him as a womanizer and its crazy! I'm only repinning this to show that Harry is NOT a womanizer just because he tells all women they are beautiful no matter their skin color or weight. Also its non of their business its his private life and he should be able to do what he wants without people questioning him on his sexual activity!

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Harry Styles interview - it's not ok what they did. I hate what media has made his image out to be! i dont care what anyone says, i believe him.

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I'm an Adult Fan of One Direction's Harry Styles

Harry Styles and Niall Horan this interview was soooooo funny!!

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fuckyeahzarry: “ onedirection: Sheffield, are you ready? 📷 One Direction/ Cal Aurand ”


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