Harry potters son



This needs no description my son is just a sneaky snake ok

In the politics of the Court, you have to develop a certain amount of cunning and manipulation in order to survive

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Next stop: Hogwarts

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Thats not ok Sirius and Remus seeing Harry thinking it James

Harry lost his godfather, but Remus lost his best friend also, I believe that Remus was overlooked and underestimated. No one really focused on what Remus must have felt seeing James Potter's son, and being re-united with his best friend who was accused of murder that he did not do. Being re-united and torn apart once again in the most painful way in the course of the movies.

While Harry was losing his godfather, Remus was losing his best friend. Only, Remus' emotions are overlooked and underemphasized, forcing him to deal with the pain in an isolating loneliness.

Fred and George Weasley. Fred's death was probably the only one I actually cried about..

This made me so sad. The HP books as told by Fred and George. And then just George D':

ABC with Harry Potter

ABC with Harry Potter

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Insulting Harry Potter Memes, Mean, Insulting Pictures, GIFs

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