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Harry Potter - Ron Weasley - Hermione Granger - Draco Malfoy - We're all just kids who grew up too fast. Yes. Rowling's relatable writing is amazing.

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this would've been an awesome scene - Harry Potter's wedding <-- NOPE TOO SAD. NOPE NOPE NOPE THIS IS BY NO MEANS OKAY.

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This brings to mind a very important question - how did Harry learn to even mentally complain about how the Dursleys treat him? Most kids who are raised in an abusive home don't even know something's wrong until someone showed them. So who showed Harry?!?!

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29 Times Tumblr Made "Harry Potter" Fans Cry All Over Again

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Harry Potter--In all Siriusness by on @deviantART

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Mother's love

Harry Potter and damn! Never thought of it that way. No apostrophe, which annoys me.

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NO. Just NO. I LOVE this but dammit I can't be okay with them coming back AFTER Harry leaves.

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2016 is the year of celebrity death. Srsly. I saw a David Bowie sticker on the back of a van today and almost cried then thought 'SCREW YOU 2016' so yeah I had a good year how was yours?

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But he has heart because he protected Harry all the time. This is so sad!

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9 Times Harry Potter Perfectly Resonated with Tumblr Users

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Like if you remember #HarryPotter #Potter #HarryPotterForever

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It's impossible JK Rowling just managed to think of all the connections that we keep finding. I mean... c'mon. It just doesn't end <3

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While this is sweet I think they would have prefered and ensured that it remained operational to continue serving future generations of troublemakers

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