The group is still together.... well kinda Emma just has to catch them all first #PokemonGo

Emma Watson compares getting the main cast to come to her movie screening to catching Pokemon.

Harry Potter cast interview

She loved the cat in the movie, she loves it in real life; they hated the cat in the movie, they hate the cat in real life. They're very much their characters.

Tiny HP actors.  Emma's second expression.  <3

Harry Potter cast on characters " I've got a red headed sister and. I live in a burrow" Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, & Daniel Radcliffe

Hpotterfacts Part Two. - Imgur

Hpotterfacts Part Two.

Harry Potter Facts In an interview, Emma Watson said that she would sometimes be referred to as "One-Take Watson". Meanwhile, Dan was Do-it-again Dan" and Rupert was "Re-do Rupert".

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Funny Harry Potter joke from Tom Felton (aka Draco Malfoy) on Lopez Tonight

It's sad that this isn't true. James and Oliver said that James fell asleep while he was pretending to be dead and then everybody went to Lunch without him (poor lad). Though Oliver said that it was really weird seeing his brother dead and that it was hard to film.

29 Times Tumblr Made "Harry Potter" Fans Cry All Over Again

Fred and George , James and Oliver. Sitting here, crying magical tears o-o

The Boy Who Lived (To Be Hilarious)

So the beginning of this was an interviewer asking "Do you still refrence your Harry Potter cast members by their character names? :p I love Tom Felton! I love him I love him!