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The best 3D gifs from Doctor Who to Sherlock to Star Wars

The best 3D gifs from Doctor Who, Sherlock, Star Wars, Frozen and more.

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7 Reasons Draco Malfoy is Actually the Real Hero of Harry Potter

Draco sent the enchanted paper bird over to Pyrra, on it was written 'Pyrra, will you go to the Yule Ball with me?' He didn't know if it would work, and he would never let on, but he sincerely hoped she would agree

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Harry: *Swoon* *drama fall* Ron: AUUGGGHH HOLY CR- *pile of books, bricks and broken bones*

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Community Post: 24 Hilarious Harry Potter GIFs For Every Situation

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28 Reasons Fred And George Are The Best Characters In The Harry Potter Series

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Community Post: 150 Brilliant "Harry Potter" GIFs That Show The Magic Never Ends

Lots and lots of Harry Potter gifs. I reblog them if they're on my dash so everything should be credited back. If I use something of yours and don't credit it let me know, I will. By character:...

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