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25 Harry Potter Snacks

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Check out the Harry Potter Sorting Hat cupcakes I made! You get sorted into a Hogwarts house depending on the color of the M&Ms that spill out. Apparently I'm a Slytherin...

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A Harry Potter Christmas- Day 22

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24 Magical Ways Muggles Can Celebrate Harry Potter Book Night

I was so, SO excited to do a Harry Potter birthday party for Hunter. There are hundreds and I mean hundreds of ideas for games, treats, food, drinks and more with 7 books and movies to pull inspiration from, I...

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10 Harry Potter Recipes You Can Make in Real Life

10 Harry Potter Recipes You Can Make in Real Life | TREACLE TART | When both Harry Potter and Prince Harry approve of these sweet, buttery shortcrust pastries, who are we to not totally enjoy them, too? Get the recipe HERE

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Cauldron Cakes | Harry Potter Series

Cauldron Cakes | Harry Potter Series - | I have always had questions around 'cauldron cakes'. The book tells us they're stackable, and they've been manufactured since the 1850s (so, older recipe) by Qizilbash Quality Confectionary who mass produces them in Pakistan. Does this make them Middle Eastern cakes or English cakes that are manufactured in Pakistan? This version is Middle Eastern inspired and so delicious!

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