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The amount of time it takes to kiss your true love according to J.K. Rowling and Stephanie Meyer. Go J.K., you showed that people shouldn't rush into relationships :)

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18 Photos That Prove The "Harry Potter" Actors Are Actually Their Characters

When Rupert was still a little Ron-like about his feelings (and Emma was Hermione-like about hers). | 18 Times The Stars Of "Harry Potter" Were Just Like Their Characters IRL

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Ron & Hermione/ Rupert & Emma <3 I'm always so happy at every reminder that Ron and Hermione end up together!! :)

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Harry's like, Merlin's beard it's voldly! Hermione is like: what spell should I use next? Ron's like: yeeeeahh hermione kissed me… WHAT NOW?!

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shall we dance? This was one of the most beautiful cinematic moments for me. Not because I'm a HP fan or a H/H shipper. Because it shows you a glimpse into the raw, wonderful powers of true friendship that soar above everything else in the world that could crush your soul. I really don't think anything depicts that so clearly

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ron weasley and emma watson, first kiss, harry potter, funny. Sorry I just can't resist....

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Some of my favourite Harry Potter fanfictions

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