I don't think I've ever related to a post  more

My list in ability to emotionally cripple me from highest to lowest: Lily and James Potter Katniss and Peeta Mellark Will and Lou Buttercup and Weasley Zack and Kelly Morris

Bella, get out. You are a horrible "role model" for girls. Everyone else on the post is a great role model. Twilight-Bella, Divergent-Tris, Chronicles of Narnia-Lucy, The Mortal Instruments-Clary, The Fault in Our Stars-Hazel, The Hunger Games-Katniss, Percy Jackson and the Olympians/ Heroes of Olympus-Annabeth, Harry Potter-Hermione.

✶ Twilight ✶ Divergent ✶ Narnia ✶ The Mortal Instruments ✶ The Fault in our Stars ✶ Hunger Games ✶ Percy Jackson ✶ Harry Potter ✶ Bella ✶ Tris ✶ Clary ✶ Hazel ✶ Katniss ✶ Annabeth ✶ Hermione

You give very enthusiastic hugs ~ Signs You Are Hermione Granger ~ True I do give enthusiastic hugs!

23 Signs You Are Hermione Granger

Jace and Clary A lot of people apply this to other books but this was actually a scene from the mortal instruments

Love Illustrations by Nami64

This is after Belatrix tortures Hermione in Malfoy Manner <<<again, don't ship them, but very cool drawing, so why not

Harry and Hermione

"They did not discuss Ron at all over the next few days…. Hermione seemed to know that it was no use forcing the issue, although sometimes at night when she thought he was sleeping, he would hear her crying." >> This fan art is GORGEOUS.