Lithograph PRINT from HARPERS NEW MONTHLY MAGAZINE. This genuine 155 year old lithograph was published in about 1860. ----- FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING WHEN YOU BUY 5 OR MORE PRINTS OR MAPS AT ONE TIME !

Harper's Magazine's - FASHIONS FOR JUNE - Lithograph - c1860

1856 Walking Dress And Girl'S Costume. From New York Public Library Digital Collections.

Harriet Chalmers Adams (October 22, 1875 – July 17, 1937) was an American explorer, writer and photographer. Adams served as a correspondent for Harper's Magazine in Europe during World War I. She was the only female correspondent permitted to visit the trenches.

9 trailblazing female explorers

In the National Geographic Society didn't admit women, so Harriet Chalmers Adams, adventurer and female badass, founded the Society of Woman Geographers. She was regarded as the foremost woman explorer of her time.

Against School - John Taylor Gatto (09/2003 Harper's Magazine)

Against School - John Taylor Gatto Harper's Magazine) - School is a factory where employees manufacture employees.

Disgusted with Life, She Retired to the Society of Books    ---    The artist, Rosina Emmet Sherwood, often used her five children as subjects of her work in pastels, oils and watercolors. Her illustrations graced the covers of Harper's Magazine and her designs became popular greeting cards for the Prang Company.

"Disgusted with life, she retired to the society of books," Rosina Emmet Sherwood, Harper's Young People, April Library of Congress

Andy Warhol letter to Russell Lynes, 1949. Harper's Magazine records kept by managing editor Russell Lynes, Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution.

In Andy Warhol was a young artist grateful to have his work accepted by Harper’s Magazine. He wrote to editor Russell Lynes noting that his “life couldn’t fill a penny postcard” and that he was “moving from one roach infested apartment to.

Equestrian Costume.  Harper's Magazine, September 1858.

This is a country estate outfit, for hacking at leisure over pastures and along rural lanes, not a formal riding habit. Too bad it isn't coloured.