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The Ministry of Audio Pleasure Presents - Play Records, Dance, Make Love (UK) // Set up in the mid-1960s under Harold Wilson, The Ministry of Audio Pleasure was a government organisation with the task of promoting the benefits of listening to popular music and safeguarding the general public against the misuse of vinyl records.


TSR2 Type 571 XR222 at Duxford, 31st May 2006 many years ahead of its time cancelled by Harold Wilson's short sighted Labour Government (his government was the last to devalue the pound sterling).[start of government £1 = $2.4 after devaluation £1 = $1.25 nand at one point sank to parity]


BAC TSR-2. Scrapped because a Harold Wilson probably did not want to upset either the Americans or the Russians. Ordered the F11, which was cancelled, followed by F4 Phantoms.


Harold Wilson. First term as Labour Prime Minister 1964-70. Gannex raincoat and pipe.


Postcard of Jeremy Thorpe, Harold Wilson & Edward Heath

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Harold Wilson- The Labour leader during the 1970s. Have a read to find out about the Hung Parliament.

from the Guardian

North faces: John Bulmer's photographs of life in northern England

Manchester (1977) This photograph was taken a year after Harold Wilson’s resignation. After serving two terms as prime minister at a time of economic crisis, he had come to be regarded as a champion of the working classes. But his handling of an official strike by the Seamen’s Union, together with his economic measures, changed the opinion of many


Fairey Rotodyne (XE521) Aircraft Pictures & Photos - The Fairey Rotodyne was a 1950s British compound gyroplane. Although promising in concept and successful in trials, the Rotodyne program was eventually cancelled when a combination of politics and lack of commercial orders arising from concerns over high levels of rotor tip-jet noise doomed the project.”