I before E except after C. Maybe that only applies when they actually follow C.

Difficult Spelling Words - a large collection of IE/EI words and tips for learning to spell them correctly

The new Gigantic Spelling Bee Word Lists are affordable ways to save a LOT of work! Each list has 420 grade-level words and sentences. New for 2016.

Here's a handy printable list of 100 grade spelling bee words. Use it for a classroom competition or as an extra study list at home!

Easy/Medium/Hard spelling lists for kids

Spelling bee words 7-8

Spelling bee words for kids aged 7 to 8 are a great way to play learning games that improve literacy, reading and spelling skills

Here are several lists of difficult spelling words, and links to lessons to help you learn -- or teach -- them!

Huge of difficult spelling words using IE/EI and tips for learning to spell them correctly

There is a Spelling scrambler learning games - it makes a worksheet for your list of spelling words.

Improving Spelling and Vocabulary with spelling scramblers

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Find a spelling bee word list here for grades Use these for your next competition, or for study words. Check out our other spelling bee resources, too!

Certificate Creator: Class Tool  This site allows you to choose what subject or activity you wish you create a certificate for, and the personalize it with the recipient's name. This could be use to praise students for various different things from sports, spelling bees or student of the month. Found through the Teacher Resource Document.

Class Tool: Elementary and Secondary school awards and diplomas can be created here. There are more options available through a yearly subscription. ( Found through Teacher Resources Document)