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Hard Spelling Bee Words

When A Picture is Worth 1000 Words - Love Learning I remember some ideas that were hard for my young students to just remember. You know these concepts as well! Reversals are some of the most common difficulties for beginners. We show our students a symbol and tell them the name of it and expect (and need?) them to remember both for the next time it comes up.


Okay, okay, “vexylent” isn’t a real word. Cinderella Smith made it up a combination of “very” and “excellent.” Cinderella and Erin are hard at work learning to spell real words because the first prize spelling bee winner picks the theme for the class party.

from Quartz

Why these winning words from US National Spelling bees are so hard to spell

Meet Snigdha Nandipati, who was the 2012 Scripps National Spelling Bee Champion! Snigdha earned this prestigitous national honor through hard work, determination, and practice! The final word she had to spell to win.... GUETAPENS. #KTGrape #radio #kids

My girl. Scared. Face crumbling. Last year her nerves got the best of her at the school spelling bee and she was out in the first round. But she tried again. Set her fears aside and joined the spelling club AGAIN. Worked hard for 8 weeks only to have nerves take over again and misspell a word she knew. While she'll kick herself for getting it wrong - I'll do everything in my power to remind her how fearless and amazing I think she is. For stepping up to the plate and trying. For doing the…

Spelling Bee: This is an awesome game where students get to practice their spelling abilities. It has different levels of difficulty and students move up the scale upon spelling words correctly. It also offers pronunciation for words students find hard to spell.