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Funny Minion Quotes Of The Week

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funny jokes that get you thinking

The Average Person Can't Solve These 12 Epic Riddles. See If You Can Do It.

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30 Funniest Despicable me Minions Quotes

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Do You Have An IQ Over 150? Solve This Puzzle And Find Out!

Easy. Each answer is split into two parts. 2 numbers. The second is the sum of the original numbers. The first is the first number minus the second. E.g. 6+4= 210.... 6-4=2 & 6+4=10 so the original question of 6+4 equals 210.

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Dummies of the Year

24 Funny Pictures for Today - Dummies of the Year shares the funniest pictures, cutest animals, and most popular videos every single day!

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This Is How To Deal With Annoying People. This Is Perfect. funny jokes story lol funny quote funny quotes funny sayings joke hilarious humor stories funny jokes

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