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15 Balayage Hair Color Ideas With Blonde Highlights

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Keep It Casual, A Style Guide #refinery29 White HairMy hair is a very big part of my image right now and too right because it’s very hard to achieve (it's seriously dead). But having white hair has been really fun. I’ve experimented with all the pastel shades, which is quick and easy to do once you've bitten the bullet and bleached. It pretty much makes any outfit. If you're in the London area, I can't recommend Butch...

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100 Best Hairstyles for 2016

Here are the 100 best hair trends for the year 2016. In this gallery you will find hairstyles for all seasons. These hairstyles are ranging from the sleek to chic, easy to do to messy ones. No matter what you are wearing, for a women her hairstyle is the most important part of her look.

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In the 1950's "the teddy boy" was a young man of a subculture characterized by a style of dress based on Edwardian fashion and a liking for rock and roll music.

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1920s/30s styling. According to - 1930s hair was "similar to the wavy 1920s bob, except a bit longer,curlier and softer. Worn with side or middle part."

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