Intimacy transcends the physical. It is a feeling of closeness that isn’t about proximity, but of belonging. It is a beautiful emotional space in which two become one. - Steve Maraboli

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I think you are my one and only . It just feels so right this time! I think I am falling in love with you but in all the right ways. I can't wait for the day I can tell you I'm in love with you... soon!

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Happy Republic Day 2017: Wishes, SMS, Quotes, Facebook, WhatsApp Status, Messages, Greetings for loved ones

Think positively. Exercise daily. Eat healthy. Work hard. Stay strong. Worry less. Dance more. Love often. Be happy :)

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Some Narcissists are unlikable, flagrant egotists. Others can be charming, intelligent, caring-that is, until their guru-status is threatened. When you stop stroking their ego or beg to disagree, they cab turn on you and become punishing. Once you catch onto this pattern, a narcissist seems about as charming as a banana peel. These people are so dangerous because they lack empathy.

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