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Estelle Hanania

Happy Purim Photography by Estelle Hanania

Harley Quinn Month Closes Out In The Awesome Cosplay Roundup

Put on your snazziest harlequin bodysuit and assume the party position. February is “Harley Quinn Month” and we’re celebrating with cosplay.


I love flower crowns , they're awesome, but sometimes you just need a sultry version- bring on the star crown! As I shared on Monday , ...


What makes you smile? Ever sat down and made a list of what things there are to be happy about? Send us some of yours here and we’ll illustrate them. We currently add a new illustration every few hours to our Facebook page and to Instagram. Take a peek in the archive to see the first few hundred we illustrated, as well as some others from late 2013 and early 2014.


Purim Cards For Sale!

Kids can use hamantash stampers to create these cute Purim cards.