Not my dog but this one could eat my favorite shoes if he smiled like this afterward : )

Community Post: 20 Of The Happiest Dogs Around

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9 week old golden retriever young puppy is so adorable, and we are doing clicker training. Golden retriever puppy is doing clicker training! 9 week old golden retriever puppy is so cute, and we are doing clicker training.


Amazing photo by This is easily my favorite shot of Millie, if I had to pick one photo to summarize her personality this would be it. Such a happy dog.

Camping With Dogs Is The Most Wonderful Thing Ever

Camping With Dogs Is The Most Wonderful Thing Ever

Tem coisa mais fofa que cachorro sorrindo? Os cães sorridentes nos trazem alegria e nos fazer sorrir juntos.

Estes Cães Sorridentes Nos Dão Motivos Para Sorrir Também!

I realize I'm getting a Portuguese Water Dog, but Golden Retrievers are just too cute to resist pinning ♥

Golden Retriever – Noble Loyal Companions – Pup Home


The 60 Happiest Dogs On The Internet

Post with 69 votes and 20340 views. Shared by hamsterlord. Muddy Dog is happy dog!

dogs never faill to make us laugh! Thank you guys so much for all your suport! Keep it up!

21 Dog Fails That’ll Make You Feel Guilty For Laughing

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These 31 super happy animals will leave you smiling after you have seen them. We might not be able to understand animals, but we can all recognise a smile as a