Happy brothers day

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Happy Days (1974-84)--Henry Winkler as Arthur 'Fonzie' Fonzarelli, Tom Bosley as Howard Cunningham, Anson Williams as Potsie Weber, Don Most as Ralph Malph, Erin Moran as Joanie Cunningham, Marion Ross as Marion Cunningham, and Ron Howard as Richie Cunningham

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Galaxy Counters, my nan used to buy them for me every day and pass them down the bus to me on my way to school!!

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The flip side of true love. Sadly, one day will likely come when one of you has only memories of your love. Remember to rejoice for the good times and that person you lost would want you to move on and still have happy times without them.

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7th November: Track of the day // Barrack Obama election win // Aretha Franklin - Oh Happy Day.

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Frank Frazetta: Conan of Cimmeria takes me right back to being 10 and staring at my big brothers collection of Conan paperbacks for hours. Happy days.

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Carnation milk and tinned fruit. Classic 1970's kid pudding. mmmm.....loved it....prob fav pudding in the 70's!!xx

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Clive Standen Travis Fimmel... And so Clive looks like this in real life, too.... (am screaming here...)

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