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Hans Zimmer | his soundtracks are enormous, he uses bold, organic sounds in such a unique way, that they can blend with a traditional orchestral score to create something that is simply epic.


Hans Zimmer - Inception - Time (Piano Version)

Hans Zimmer - Time (Piano Version) - The music that accompanied the writing of The Almond Tree


This is film score composer Hans Zimmer. He is one of the amazing film composers and whenever I listen to his music I am motivated to be brilliant. His music makes me want to write more and master my craft. His excellence is so inspiring.His music also helps me to remember my purpose in life, to just create beautiful work. His work is just that awesome.

Composer extroadinaire Hans Zimmer's studio. This is something ridiculous.

tubescore: Pirates of the Caribbean Piano easy sheet music by Klaus Badelt and Hans Zimmer Piano easy score

Hans Zimmer Retires from Superhero Movies