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lol Hannah Montana. I miss this show:) That's the guy who plays as the grape from the Fruit of the Loom commercials

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Hahaha i would bleh with her. Jackson was pretty much the highlight of this show and the only char that kept me laughing hysterically

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Hannah Montana, aka #MileyCyrus was the funniest show ever, I can't belive they still show it on Disney late at night, probs so the older kids can be nostalgic

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Taxpayers sacrificed more than $1 million so Ashley Judd could film a movie in Tennessee, “The Identical,” which critics panned and bombed at the box office. The state forked over an additional $1.8 million so Miley Cyrus could film “Hannah Montana: The Movie” in Tennessee. America also got a TV show, “Still the King,” about

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