All you really need......a narrowboat

narrow house boat narrow kitchen would be even more convenient, but you want more floor space for the living room

The best plants for your bathroom

These Bathroom Plants Will Transform Your Space Into a Sanctuary

Freshen up your bathroom with least expensive indoor plants. Check our guide and know about the best bathroom plants, how to choose the right one and more.

Step1.  Don’t have extra space for growing your favorite fruit? Making hanging baskets is a great idea to let you have a big harvest on sm...

Strawberries in Small Spaces - Grow sweet strawberry in a vertical PVC tube is great solution for small garden or yard. Vertical planter will save you a lot of space, at the same time keep plants out of reach from garden insect pests.

Tuberous Begonias - A Glossary of Beautiful Begonias for sale from! #tuberous #begonias

A Glossary of Begonias – Tuberous Begonias from!

Black Mountain Shepherds Huts, bespoke Shepherds Huts lovingly handcrafted

Black Mountain Shepherds Huts,tailor made to order, many bespoke options available, over 25 years in carpentry experience, based in Wales near Welshpool.

Hanging terrarium ideas for air plants and succulents. A simple yet elegant home decor item to spruce up your living spaces.

Take a look at our wonderful collection of unique vases for use with your terrariums, flower arrangements and mini gardens.

Hanging Plant Terrarium - Minimalist Interior Design

10 Ways to Make Your Bedroom More Peaceful

Tan leather sofa with pendant light

10 Beautiful Brown Leather Sofas

Update the colour palette of your home this season with soft greens warm whites indoor plants natural leathers graphic prints and touches of geometric metal accents. How are you updating your style this season?

Laundry room organization. Like the angled support for laundry baskets.

small space laundry room ideas-laundry baskets hanging on an angle. This might work in that open space in your laundry room!