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Free! I made this editable print-practice sheet for a colleague of mine who teaches kids with dyslexia. Enter any text you want, then print. The traceable text is smaller than what you would find on similar print practice sheets for lower grades. I use these myself for high school students whose print is so bad I couldn't read it. It made a difference, and seeing the look on their face when I handed it to them was priceless!


We drew a variety of patterns on a large sheet of paper, we then set up a range of different resources for the children to use to follow the patterns. We also added the tweezers to create extra opportunities to practice using our fine motor skills :)

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Brightlines Paper (non raised)

Brightlines Paper | Writing Paper for Young Students & Children | Handwriting Practice Paper


The Printable Princess

Tearing paper is a great way to start working on fine motor skills. Love this name activity for the beginning of Kindergarten. She's got lots of ideas for fine motor practice on this post.