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Tom Selleck 66--I love this man, from the first time I saw himin Magnum P.I., up to his current role in Bluebloods.

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..years ago guys would have avoided checks fearing it was all too 70's , i'm not saying they've made a come back , it's just STOP associating checks with the 70's! This styles been around since the late 18th Century...

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Aiden Shaw - I'm growing my grey hair and beard to see if I can get close to this and hopefully not Santa Claus.

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Laurence Nicotra. He has perfect, hair, perfect hair color, rugged good looks. He's perfect !

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Hugh Laurie - he borrowed my reading glasses when he came in to our gallery. Yum

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Kevin Costner Photos Photos: Kevin Costner at LAX

Kevin Costner Photo - Kevin Costner at LAX...I know he's old, I just can't help it!!!

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