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There is NOTHING sexier and more beautiful than a handsome middle aged man! It's the wrinkles around the eyes. Does it for me every time💕

Aiden Brady, 50 Years Old

10+ Handsome Guys Who’ll Redefine Your Concept Of Older Men

Some men are like wine - they just get better with age. Bored Panda collected a list of handsome guys over or just under 50 years old that might just redefine

Sam Elliot..

Sam Elliott - there's something very sexy about this man.and it's not only his sexy voice.

40 Grey Beard Styles to Look Devastatingly Handsome0231

40 Grey Beard Styles To Look Devastatingly Handsome

Hairstyles For Older Men

Hairstyles For Older Men

Having a beard is your most outstanding personal expression as the man you can make, and you want to take good care of it. If you want your gray beard to coincide with the brunette hair on your hea…

Laurence Nicotra

He has perfect, hair, perfect hair color, rugged good looks. He's the perfect man for me!

Max Ryan - Like fine wine, some men get better (sexier) with age. Max is so handsome. I love the salt and pepper hair.

Ken Wata-hottie. I had to make it six so I could include him.

Inspiration for Tamura Shigeru, antagonist of Noble Estates who stages a bloody coup. Ken Watanabe - Photo posted by isabelicruz - Ken Watanabe - Fan club album

Cary Grant

Forget Ryan Gosling, We'll Take Cary Grant

Cary Grant's Style Evolution Shows That Handsome Is Always In Fashion-Cary Grant died in 1986 & these images show the evolution of men's fashion!