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Convenient Height Toilet. The bowl is 5-inch taller than a standard height toilet and 4-inch higher than an ADA compliant toilet or comfort height toilet.  Click Visit to find out more of its features and benefits.

Here's a tall toilet that has a bowl height of This extra tall toilet is called the Convenient Height Toilet and it's also a space saving toilet .

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The All Purpose Commode is ideal as a free standing commode, as a toilet safety frame, or as a raised toilet seat with arms.

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Handicap Accessories For The Ce bathroom - The whole procedure for beautifying a house isn't limited to the leading furnishin

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Inclusive Commodes - Designed by Changduk Kim and Youngki Hong, The Universal Toilet is equally usable by all members of society. The inclusive design includes a separ.

8 Appealing Handicap Bathroom Grab Bar Image Ideas---yup, this was a godsend.  We don't realize how low toilets are till we can't bend to sit down.  At this height I could slide directly from the chair onto the raised seat.

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HI-6000 Series handicap toilet bidet seat spa

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public restroom with separate handicapped toilet royalty-free stock vector art

public restroom with separate handicapped toilet royalty-free stock vector art

Wheelchair-accessible portapotty

Maine portable restroom and Maine septic company in Minot Maine.

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Rising toilet seat helps you stand without caregiver assistance! The mechanical rising toilet seat mimics the bodies natural sitting and sta.

Handicap Toilets: What You Should Know about Selecting and Installing the Right One for You #handicaptoilets Installing the right handicap toilet can make the difference in a more accessible, safe bathroom for a disabled or elderly family member. Here's some tips to help you choose and install the best for your needs...

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Bathroom safety bars are not a luxury for seniors -- they are a necessity. Safety bars are an easy solution.

How to Install Handicap Toilets for Accessible Home Bathrooms -   Remodeling private home disabled bathrooms is not nearly as difficult as remodeling public restrooms. Converting a private bathroom to a handicap accessible bathroom, complete with a handicap toilet, may be done as a DIY project.

Toto UltraMax Eco ADA Compliant GPF Elongated 1 Piece Toilet with SoftClose Seat Trip Lever Orientation: Left-Hand, Toilet Finish: Cotton - wi.